Harvest Your Wind with Hidden In Plain Sight
Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy Solutions

Unlock the enormous potential of metropolitan wind.  Traditional wind turbines can't.  They are incompatible, difficult to permit and site in populated areas.  They are relegated to remote locations, and then require expensive infrastructure to transport the power back to where it is needed

Hidden In Plain Sight™ Wind Energy Systems can harvest wind where it makes the most sense – where people meet the wind – commercial roof tops, airport garages, apartment buildings and shopping
plazas because
Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy Systems are compatible with the demanding requirements of populated locations.

We invite Commercial Property Owners, Wind Farm Developers and Investors to contact us to Harvest Your Wind.
5 Easy Steps to Harvest Your Wind

Many sites have abundant wind, but no compatible with traditional wind turbines. Hidden In Plain Sight™ Wind Energy Systems can harvest wind where traditional wind turbines cannot. They inconspicuously mount to commercial rooftops resulting in fewer neighbor objections.
You get your system up and running faster, improving cash flow and ROI to make the most of your property. Whether airport or office building, Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy Systems by CBC will work for you.

Not all wind technologies are equal. Some wind turbines require a lot of wind just to start spinning. Or they need a lot of energy to keep them moving, That loss means your investment is not paying off.
CBC’s Hidden In Plain Sight™ Wind Energy System intercepts a large amount of wind and concentrates that power to a lightweight turbine in the center. As a result, the system starts in lighter winds and keeps spinning, meaning less wind energy is needed to spin the turbine and more wind energy in converted to electricity.

Most turbines have an enormous number of moving parts: transmission gears, braking, blade pitch controls and so on.  All of these are parts that will wear out, cause downtime and lost revenue, and eat into you power generation revenue.
Your wind energy investment will be for the long term, choose equipment that will help, not hinder you Harvest Your Wind.

Design challenges and community interest mean that surviving the permitting process is an accomplishment in itself. Installation and construction of some turbines are so complicated that project delays are inevitable. The faster you can get your equipment up and running, the better your return. Hidden In Plain Sight™ technology mitigates neighbors’ objections to streamline the permitting process and its design simplifies installation. Wind projects can be complex.  Delays, mistakes, change orders - they all cost money.

Having a location with abundant wind and choosing high performance technology is important.
But now you know there’s more to wind energy than that. With Hidden In Plain Sight™ Wind Energy System, you not only start generating cash sooner, you generate more. 
The better the harvest, the greater the return on your investment.