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Benefits of Hidden In Plain Sight technology

Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy System (patent pending)

How It Works


The principle behind capturing wind energy is simple: to capture more energy, intercept more wind. Traditional alternatives do this by increasing the size of the device's blades. But large blades create noise, become reliability risks, endanger wildlife and create greater shadow flicker. They pollute the view-scape and make an indelible imprint on the environment.

CBC's unique Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy design utilizes stationary wind directors to intercept a greater amount of wind energy without increasing the size of the blades. This makes the equipment more reliable, inconspicuous and friendlier to wildlife. All of CBC's Hidden in Plain Sight solutions are provided turnkey including turbine, generator, inverters, controller and mounting.

Because of our unique design, the Patent Pending Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy System harvests wind energy where traditional turbines are not compatible.

Each system can be tailored to your site and requirements. We match the appearance of the equipment to blend into your existing environment.  And we size the enclosure to match the wind at your property and your power requirements. 

The design of our system is modular, simplifying project management and eliminating complexities that result in delays and extra cost.

We invite you to learn more and see our technology in action.  Contact us to make arrangements.


The Hidden In Plain Sight Wind Energy System is an enclosed system designed to meet the most demanding requirements, to go where traditional wind turbines can't go.

CBCs unique design includes a  stationary wind concentrating enclosure that provides distinct and unique benefits:

Significantly increases the intercept area of the device.

 -  Allows equipment to be roof mounted.
 -  Allows the equipment to be 'hidden in plain sight', either blended into an existing building or disguised as a  Light house, Silo, Watchtower, or Cupola

Key benefits of stators

 -  multi-directional: collects wind from all directions
 -  concentrates wind: turbine reaches full power in low wind speeds
 -  stationary structure
friendly to birds and other wildlife
-  results in zero shadow flicker
-  structure can be incorporated and 'hidden' into existing building.
-  stators can be used as signage in appropriate locations.

The enclosure is constructed from corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and composite materials.

Key Performance Measures

Output Range: 5kW through 250kW

Rated Wind Speed: 15mph (6.7m/s)

Design Life: 20 years

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